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Boston Marathon: Track Green Bay runners currently in the race

Boston Marathon
Posted at 11:31 AM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 12:38:02-04

BOSTON (NBC 26) — The Boston Marathon kicked off Monday and a couple of Green Bay runners are in the race!

Kathy Waldron and Rolf Lulloff previously spoke with NBC 26 while preparing to head to the marathon. This is not the first marathon for either runner. For Waldron, this is her 31st marathon; for Lulloff, this is his fifth.

You can track both runners by clicking here.

Lulloff is a retired orthopedic surgeon from Green Bay. He told NBC 26 in February his run is dedicated to his late wife, Ann, who died after a 45-year-battle with Parkinson's disease last year.

After taking care of her for decades, Lulloff founded the Brain Center with five other doctors who personally invested in neurodegenerative diseases in order to spread awareness and educate people on brain health.

Lulloff first ran the Boston Marathon at age 32 in 1974. He says he ran his best one at age 36 in 1978 and ended up doubling that time exactly when he was 72 years old for the most recent Boston Marathon he ran in 2013.

He hopes his race inspires people to consciously consider their brain health and the tangential connection to physical health through factors like a healthy diet and regular movement.

"Is running for everybody? No. But taking care of your life is, and knowing yourself is," Lulloff said.

Kathy Waldron is part of the "Quarter-Century Club" of folks who've run at least 25 marathons. Waldron is the only woman in Wisconsin to be a part of it.

Waldron is a custodian at Sullivan Elementary in Green Bay. The school gave her a surprise sendoff last week before she headed to Boston.

The custodian owes her love of running to her father, who ran in the Boston Marathon himself and then was also buried with Kathy's first marathon medal.

“He would say, I knew you could do it, and he always did support me," said Waldron. "He told me that I could do whatever I wanted when I was five, and I always remember that. “

Waldron also hopes she can inspire her students.

The winners of the Boston Marathon have already been crowned. Learn more here.