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Biden vs. Trump: What Local Voters Are Saying About Tonight's Debate

Election 2024 Debate
Posted at 7:33 PM, Jun 27, 2024
  • Many see the debate as a significant test for their preferred candidate
  • Local voters sound-off on what issues are important to them
  • Party chairpersons on the debate's importance for Wisconsin voters

A recent AP poll indicates that tens of millions of Americans are likely to watch or hear about Thursday night's debate, the first major faceoff of this election season between President Biden and former President Trump. Many consider this event a significant test for their preferred candidate.

To gauge local interest, we asked several residents in our neighborhoods whether they plan to watch the debate, and the responses were mixed.

Steve Hockers: "I wasn't planning on it."

Tim Abel: "Not likely. I just think it’s become quite a bit of a circus."

Tracy Haberland: "I'll probably be watching it in the newsreels and summaries of the debate."

Allan Gottfried: "Yes, I do." When asked why he felt it was important, he said, "I think it's gonna be quite interesting. With everything surrounding Donald Trump and the controversies with Biden, it's going to be very interesting."

We also asked what topics were most important to them.

Tracy Haberland, Green Bay: "I would definitely say inflation, the economy, but also LGBTQ rights, and just seeing what happens with that and how the debate addresses these issues."

Anonymous Woman: "Our economy, our Constitution is at stake, our freedoms."

Allan Gottfried, Green Bay: "Inflation, immigration. Everything surrounding all the corruption around both of them."

We asked who they believed would come out on top after Thursday’s debate.

Tracy Haberland: I'm hoping he (Biden) has good delivery and comebacks for anything Trump comes up with because Trump is a powerful public speaker."

Anonymous Woman: "Trump may have a strange personality, but I believe he is the best one for our country."

Steve Hockers: "It’s your choice if you want to keep what we’re doing or go back to what we had before."

We spoke with the chairpersons of both the Republican Party of Brown County and the Democratic Party of Brown County to ask why they think this debate is crucial for Wisconsin voters.

Doug Reich, Chairman of the Republican Party of Brown County: "I would say it’s pretty critical. It looks like Trump is leading in the state, especially in a three-way race. Many people who haven't followed politics as closely want to see where these candidates stand in terms of their message, ability, and personality."

Christie Welch, Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County: "There are new rules that will make things more interesting than last time. The mics will be cut off when time ends, which should eliminate some of the over-talking that happened previously. I think it will make for a better setup to actually hear the information."

Whether you view this first debate as a critical test for each candidate or a spectacle not to be missed, you can watch it Thursday at 8:00 PM. Both the Republican Party of Brown County and the Democratic Party of Brown County are hosting watch parties at their headquarters. Doors open at 6:30 PM for both events.