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Bellevue holding off on extending curfew through weekend

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Posted at 1:57 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 14:57:43-04

BELLEVUE (NBC 26) -- The Village of Bellevue is not yet extending the curfew through the weekend at this time, the village said in a news release Wednesday.

The announcement comes after Green Bay extended its curfew.

"Bellevue leaders are hopeful that it will not be necessary so that residents’ movement is not restricted and so that area hospitality industry businesses may remain in-service throughout the weekend," the news release states.

Bellevue had placed a curfew on June 1 after concerns about possible violence breaking out from protests over the death of George Floyd.

“We are aware that there are planned peaceful demonstration events this weekend related to the murder of George Floyd. We are also aware that opportunist criminals have been using these peaceful demonstrations to diminish demonstrators’ message, incite further conflict, infringe on others’ rights, and do harm to business owners," stated Bellevue Administrator Diane Wessel. "We are hopeful that opportunist criminals will not parasitize these events but we are prepared to respond immediately if they do, or plan to.”

While the curfew is not being extended at this time, the village said in a release that leaders are prepared to extend the curfew through the weekend if necessary.