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Badger Elementary students take home more than 450 free books for Thanksgiving

Kids pick out books
Posted at 4:06 PM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 19:49:40-05

APPLETON (NBC 26) — Izaak Downs, a 3rd grade student at Badger Elementary School, picked out a book today from a magical series he’s seen all the movies for.

“I love Harry Potter because I have eight films," he said. "And the films are scary, but they are really fun to watch.”

His classmate Vincent Zinser grabbed a book from a different series he’s been reading.

“I picked out Bad Kitty VS. Uncle Murray," he said.

Hundreds of Badger students like Izaak and Vincent each got to take home a book for free today, as part of the "Thankful for Books" giveaway.

Badger students read their new books

“It's so exciting," said Christie Powers. "In some of the schools that we go to, not everyone can get books for free, and they don't have the ability to be able just to go and buy their own books. So being here and seeing every single child get a book and seeing how excited they are to read them is making us really excited.”

The Neenah UPS store raised $7,500 to get free books to thousands of students in the Fox Valley this holiday season.

“If they don't have the ability to get a book at home, they may never know how exciting it is to get lost in a book," said Powers.

From fantasy to nonfiction, these kids know there’s nothing better than finding a good book.

“Reading, it's like, I wonder what's going to happen next," said Downs. "And it's just interesting.”