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After the Storm: Displaced Kaukauna residents could wait weeks before returning home

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 22, 2024

No one was hurt when a Tuesday night storm rolled through Kaukauna, but dozens of residents were displaced from their apartments after part of the building's roof was torn off in the storm.

  • More than 50 residents of an apartment complex in Kaukauna were displaced after Tuesday night's storm
  • Part of the building's roof was torn out, and Mayor Tony Penterman said it could be weeks before the residents can return home
  • No injuries were reported in Kaukauna

(The following is a transcript of the broadcast story.)

In Kaukauna, mother nature is always on display.

Many times, she is calm.

But Tuesday night, we saw her other side.

Storm damage affected people around the city, including at the home of Al Auden’s mother, who’s in her 90s.

"Two trees [were] laying over the back of the house, and hundreds of branches tangled in the wires," [Auden said of the damage at his mother's home].

His mother wasn’t hurt, and, thankfully, the city says there were no injuries reported in Kaukauna.

So, the concerns are about what can be fixed and replaced.

"We’re kind of overwhelmed, we’re waiting to hear back from insurance companies and we’re finding out what our deductibles are, and getting a little bit of surprises, but it is what it is," [Auden said]...

[On] Whitney street, a man told me that he and his wife were inside this home when this huge tree came down last night. He said that he had actually recently signed a contract with a company to remove the tree. Unfortunately, this storm happened before it could be taken out of here.

More than 50 people who live at Round House Manor could not [remain in their homes after the storm rolled through Kaukauna].

Part of the roof was torn off.

Round House is for people 62 or older, or 18 years or older who are living with a physical disability.

Kaukauna Mayor Tony Penterman says people there were taken to Kaukauna High School for temporary shelter.

"It was very difficult, people had mobility issues, luckily we were able to get Kobussen Buses to come here with a bus to transport people out to the high school. Several residents had to be transported via ambulance because they couldn’t get up into the school bus," [Penterman said].

Officials [have found] a temporary home for people who live at Round House, because it could be several weeks before they're able to return [home].