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AAA Report: 60% of drivers engage in risky behavior. Men top list

AAA report exposes shocking driving trends: More than 50% engage in risky behavior, Men identified as primary culprits
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Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-30 19:19:30-05
  • AAA report reveals alarming trends in driving behavior.
  • More than 50% of drivers engage in risky activities.
  • Men identified as primary culprits for hazardous driving behaviors.
  • Survey of 3000 individuals aged 16 and older shows 60% are risky drivers.

A new report released by AAA has unveiled concerning trends in driving behavior, indicating that over half of all drivers engage in risky activities behind the wheel. The report also identifies men as the primary culprits when it comes to the most hazardous driving behaviors.

In a survey of 3000 people aged 16 and older, 60% fell into the category of risky drivers. AAA's report pinpointed speeding, distracted driving, and aggressive driving as the most common dangerous behaviors.

Six in ten people admitted to unsafe driving practices, with the majority being men. On average, the most dangerous drivers were approximately 40 years old, and 60% of both speeding and dangerous drivers were males. In contrast, 57% of safe drivers were females.

Sergeant Andrew Jacobs of the Wisconsin State Patrol emphasized the challenges faced on Scheuring Road and Wisconsin Avenue due to the escalating traffic. He highlighted the concentration of crashes and traffic backups, stressing the need for increased awareness.

"On my drive into work, I'll see it on a daily basis – people speeding, people on their phones not paying attention on the roadway," remarked Sergeant Jacobs.

To address the surge in crash statistics since the start of the pandemic, the State Patrol has initiated the "Phones Down, Buckle Up" campaign. Sergeant Jacobs hopes that spreading awareness through this campaign will contribute to reducing accidents and promoting safer driving habits.

"It does make a difference when you buckle your seat belt; it does make a difference when you put down that phone. There is no text message or call that is so important that it can't wait," he says.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a staggering 19 thousand fatalities on the nation's roads in the first half of this year. Speed was identified as a contributing factor in about a third of these traffic fatalities.