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A Taylor Swift Trend: More and more girls learning guitar, music school owner says

Posted at 5:36 PM, Dec 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-04 19:20:17-05
  • Taylor Swift visited Green Bay Sunday after days of anticipation
  • The global superstar has had a years-long impact on guitar lesson students, the owner of Appleton Rock School said
  • In the video, a 10-year-old Taylor Swift fan talks about the singer's influence on learning to play guitar

(Below is the broadcast transcript of this story.)

I'm Jon Erickson at the Appleton Rock School, here because while Taylor Swift was a talk of the town over the last week, the owner here told me that Taylor has been having a big impact on young musicians, for years.

Stella Krueger is a musician, a student, and a fan.

"What were you thinking over the last week about Taylor [Swift] maybe coming to town?" [reporter Jon Erickson asked.]

"I was thinking 'Oh my word!'" [Stella said.]

She takes lessons at Appleton Rock School.

Wrote the song she's playing herself.

When she saw that Taylor made the trip to Green Bay:

"I was like, 'We're like 30 miles away from each other!'"

[Stella] has been a Taylor Swift fan for as long as she can remember.

"And how she writes, I just think it's so cool."

Taylor is one of the reasons she's learning to play the guitar, but not the only one.

"Also, my dad, too."

And Stella's part of a Taylor Swift trend the owner of Appleton Rock School has seen.

"I started noticing about ten years ago, just a real big increase in the number of girls coming in to take guitar lessons. and singer songwriters, and songwriting, and I really kind of attribute that to Taylor Swift becoming so popular," [Appleton Rock School owner Jason Lipsky said.]

A visit from an icon, whose influence has been growing for years.

"She's amazing," [Stella said.]