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A strong storm in Darboy leaves one family temporarily displaced from their home

Destroyed barn caused by a strong storm in Darboy area
Posted at 4:19 PM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 19:42:57-04

DARBOY (NBC 26) — A strong storm hit the Appleton area around 7:30 Wednesday morning leaving large amounts of damage around Darboy. The storm was not warned as severe, but residents said it looked like a tornado.

“I saw branches swirling around and stuff so we quickly ran and got our son out of bed and ran down to the basement. It just seemed to happen within a matter of minutes. It was so quick,” said Celeste, a resident of the storm-damaged area.

Downed power lines left thousands of people without power in the morning and the storms reportedly caused three semi-trucks to tip over. Around 9:00 Wednesday morning, one semi truck was still tipped over on the road and authorities were directing traffic as they dealt with removing the truck safely.

There were roofs blown off barns and silos scattered throughout the area. Including the roof of John and Celeste's barn. The storm swept away part of the roof of the family’s home, leaving it filled with water.

“A third of the roof is off, so I have to cover that up and try to get the water out of the bedroom,” said John.

They said there is a long clean-up process ahead, and they are working to find out if their home is livable in its current condition.

“We have to get these trees all cleaned up, and the silo cleaned up off the barn,” said John.

Another resident said they’ll have help from their neighbors and they’re just glad that no one was hurt.

John and Celeste remained positive, even with the unfortunate damage caused by the storm.