911 calls released from Wisconsin shooting spree that left 4 dead

Police officer, 3 others were killed
Posted at 2:22 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 16:28:35-04

911 dispatch tapes have been released that capture the moments the violence started Wednesday in a shooting spree near Wausau, and the frantic moments when an officer was gunned down.

Four people, including the officer, died in the shootings.

On the tapes, an officer is heard yelling for help near an apartment complex in Weston. About 15 minutes earlier, the whole situation was just unfolding a town over in Rothschild, at a bank.

911 Dispatcher: "I have an open line 911 call from 1133 East Grand Ave.... a female party screaming in the background. "

While police responded to the calls for help at Marathon Bank, another 911 dispatcher got a call from a woman at a Subway restaurant behind the bank.

911 Dispatcher: "I have an RT on the line at Subway and said that there's a female party there. And she is claiming that her husband is trying to kill her and her husband is at the bank."

Police started calling for more help.

Police Officer: "Get a couple of county units, this could be an active shooter."

The 911 dispatchers sent ambulances over, but told them to wait until they were sure it was safe to help.

Police ended up in a standoff with the suspect for a few hours at the apartment complex in Weston. They were able to take him Into custody.

The names of the victims, including the officer, have not yet been released.