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7-Year-old turns construction chaos into daily news reports amid I-41 expansion in Kaukauna

7-Year-Old turns construction chaos into daily news reports amid I-41 expansion in Kaukauna
Posted at 7:18 PM, May 21, 2024

  • I-41 expansion project and its unseen impact on residents near construction sites.
  • The demolition site is uncomfortably close to homes in one Kaukauna neighborhood.
  • 7-year-old Aldo Solorzano creates daily construction updates to cope.

The I-41 expansion project has been a topic of conversation for many commuters, but the unseen impact on the residents living near the construction sites tells a different story.
In Kaukauna, the Rose Hill overpass closure has brought the demolition site uncomfortably close to several homes, including that of 7-year-old Aldo Solorzano who has found a unique way to cope: making daily construction updates.

In a series of home videos, Aldo captures the ongoing construction noise while pretending to be an NBC 26 News reporter, offering a lighthearted distraction from the loud sounds of earth movers, cranes, and demolition.

"Last night was really loud," Aldo shares in one of his videos.

For Aldo, pretend news reports help make the overwhelming noises a little easier to handle.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he says. "Every night I'm scared because I think every car is a crash, but it's just the bridge."

Just a few houses away, Annie Schepp says, "It is what it is, honestly. It's not permanent, so I can deal with anything if it's temporary."

Living a bit further from the main construction area, she experiences less noise, allowing her family to sleep through the night more easily.

 "I don't really hear a lot at night or anything. Some neighbors do, but we sleep fine."

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has clarified the need for night work. Project Manager, Kyle Treml, explains, "It's for the safety of the workers. We're trying to do work over 41 but not affect the higher volumes of traffic that occur during the day." Demolition work on the Rose Hill Overpass primarily takes place between 11 PM and 4:30 AM, minimizing daytime disruptions but creating sleepless nights for nearby residents.

The construction of the overpass and Rose Hill Road is scheduled for completion by Labor Day.

Until then, Aldo will continue his nightly reports, to help him adapt to the ongoing noise through the summer months.

For more information on the I-41 project and updates on other closures, including the Capitol Drive bridge expected to remain closed through August, click HERE.