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18-year-old sentenced for fatal stabbing in Oshkosh

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Posted at 1:52 PM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 18:32:53-04

OSHKOSH, Wis. — An 18-year-old Oshkosh man will spend the next 30 years in prison for stabbing and killing his former acquaintance, Noah Williams, in April of 2018.

Charles M. Martin was in Winnebago County Court on Friday to hear the justification for that sentence. In court, the judge detailed how Martin went to Noah Williams' home with intentions to rob and likely kill the 18-year-old victim.

Family of Williams shared with the court how their lives have been turned upside down since losing their loved one.

"I hope you suffer every single day and I hope that the night tortures you for the rest of your life," said Bobby Williams, the victim’s mother.

Charles Martin did apologize to the Williams family for his actions and he also asked the judge for a second chance before being sentenced. Martin will be 48 years old when he is eligible to be let out of prison.