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100 day streak ends as gas prices rise again

Gas prices are rising in Wisconsin
Posted at 6:22 PM, Sep 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-27 10:58:26-04

FOND DU LAC — Drivers filling up in Wisconsin are experiencing some sticker shock as gas prices went up $0.35 in the past week, ending a 100 day streak of falling prices, according to AAA.

"You need gas no matter what, but just like anything else, that kind of catches you off guard," said Wisconsin driver Sarah Thern. "You know when you see a jump... if it's 20 cents, even 10 cents is a big jump to me."

Midwest Region AAA Director of Public Relations Nick Jarmusz said the spike was caused by a refinery fire in Toledo, Ohio, where Wisconsin gets most of its fuel.

"If we look at where the highest increases have been, over the last couple of days, or last week, they've really all been here in the Midwest, and Wisconsin really taking the brunt of that," Jarmusz said.

The fire left the refinery offline, so the state has to import gas from farther away, where supply lines aren't as streamlined.

"The transportation costs for that fuel to get to your local gas station are much higher than they normally are," Jarmusz said. "And that's being translated into prices at the pump going up."

But some Wisconsin drivers have become used to fluctuating prices.

"Since about 1968, when I started driving, they always fluctuate," Wisconsin driver John Schoetell said. "I just roll with the punches."

Jarmusz said the refinery in Toledo will likely be back online next week, and prices could begin to go back down. In the meantime, he cautions drivers against "stocking up" on gas.

"There is no shortage of gas. There's no real supply constriction, but we have seen instances in the past where there have been shortages created by people panic buying," Jarmusz said.