Local fire chief reacts to Brussels terrorist...

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 22, 2016

FOND DU LAC, Wis.- Fond du Lac fire chief Peter O'Leary toured Brussels, Belgium less than a year ago with his son.

"It was a beautiful, beautiful city," said O'Leary.

Tuesday however, that beauty was torn apart as terrorists killed innocent people inside an airport and train station.  Buildings, that according to O'Leary are set up similar to what's in the United States.
"Nothing made me worry, we had to have our bags checked just like we would here," said O'Leary about traveling through the Brussels airport during his trip.
Travelers are being put on alert following the attacks.  Agencies like AAA are sent the following statement to NBC26.
"AAA Travel partners are monitoring the situation in Brussels very closely. We are working with travel suppliers to identify AAA members in the area to account for their safety."
O"Leary says he has a friend whose son is expected to go to Brussels in less than a week and as a father, he's worried.
"Brussels has been in the news way too much and there's a reason why and there's a vulnerability that they have and the terrorists figured that out," said O'Leary.
The chief says he's praying for those impacted as well as the safety of those he cares about.