Local church cuts ties with Boy Scouts

Posted at 3:02 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 12:26:43-05

The Faith Lutheran Church was the charter organization for Boy Scout Troop 73 and Cub Scout Pack 3022 in Appleton for about 60 years.

That partnership came to an end this week when the church, after much discussion, decided some of the Boy Scouts of America's stances did not align with its beliefs. Specifically, the policy to allow openly gay scout leaders.

The troops were aware the church was having these discussions before they dissolved their charter earlier this week.

"We were hopeful all along, and understand that they had decisions to make, that's just part of life," said Dr. Etienne Mejia, Troop 73 Committee Chair.

Dr. Mejia has been involved with Troop 73 since 2008 when his oldest son became a part of the troop. He said his reaction to the news was one of sadness.

"The troop had been supported tremendously by the church for all those years," he said. "We have had a tremendous relationship with that church."

The troops have until June to find a new place to meet and new charter organization. Dr. Mejia said at least three churches have already offered to charter the troops.

The full statement from Faith Lutheran Church is below:

You may have heard that Faith Lutheran Church has dissolved our charter with Boy Scout troop 73 and Cub Scout Pack 3022.  That is true.  After some 60 years of wonderful, God-blessed ministry together, the BSA has moved to a new policy that is inconsistent with the teaching of the Bible and the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS).  The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has lifted its ban on openly gay Scout leaders. This decision has led the LCMS to formally dissolve the church body’s relationship with the BSA.  We want to be clear, all sinners (that’s each and every one of us) will always be welcome at Faith Lutheran Church – we believe and teach about God’s abundant grace in Jesus Christ. Our belief is that God loves all people, straight and gay alike; but God has also revealed in His Word that not all behavior is acceptable. Therefore, we cannot condone or support any behavior that is contrary to God’s will for us, contrary to His Word.  That’s why, even though there is so much good in scouting, we could not uphold all beliefs of the BSA that are required of us as a chartering organization.