Local businesses prepare for Lifest

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jul 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 00:24:20-04

Preparations in Oshkosh are underway for the 20th anniversary of Lifest, a Christian music and ministry festival put on by the nonprofit Life Promotions.

Local businesses say Lifest and other big events during the summer keep their businesses strong.

The Lifest grounds aren't the only places preparing for the four day event.

Many businesses said they have to begin prepping for the crowds in advance, too, and really feel its impact.

"I see the sales that go up quite drastically,” said Vivianne Reinike, assistant manager at Pantry 76 BP.

They said sales aren’t the only thing on their minds, though.

"I want just really let them know, hey, we're a really friendly place and it’s going to want to bring them back,” said Reinike.

"You know, they come back, and they'll ask for you. So that benefits each of us, also,” said Friar Tuck’s Wait Staff Supervisor Dyane Christie.

Businesses said they have to plan before events like Lifest to make sure they're ready to take on the crowds.

"We’re hiring more people to kind of get ready for this, and so we can get them in and out,” said Reinike.

She added they also make sure everything is fully stocked with extras on hand.

Restaurants said they do similar prep.

"Look at sales from the past few years. What were the popular items? Make sure we have extra of those,” said Christie.

She said the crucial part is scheduling.

"We plan for the worst and cut people as we can. If we're not busy we let them go,” said Christie.

They both added Lifest, the biggest Christian music festival in Wisconsin, will be a boom for their business this week.

Lifest kicks off this Thursday, July 12th and goes through Sunday, July 15th.