KISS gives a WI Veteran a VIP pass

Posted at 5:03 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 18:03:09-04

The legendary rock and roll band KISS played tonight at the Resch Center in Green Bay. It's been 26-years since they showed back up to town. But for one military veteran, their visit was just that much more special as the band invited her to an experience she will never forget.

Before KISS took the stage at the Resch Center tonight they did what they do in every stop along their 36-city tour and hired a roadie for the day. They chose Staff Sergeant Jeske of the National Guard for that honor.

"The organization that I technically get hired through is called Hiring Our Heroes. It's an organization that works with the military veterans and their families getting them employment and jobs out in the community," says Jeske.

Jeske will help prepare the set for a VIP concert held for about 20 people. She will also stuff goodie bags full of KISS memorabilia that everyone in attendance will take home with them. And then when the work is done, she’ll sit down with about 20 others in a small room at the Resch, for an acoustic concert of a lifetime.

"For them to let us come be a part of their world even for a day… They don't have to let us do this. So thank you KISS," adds Jeske.

"You know just sending them money and stuff is nice. And contributing to things is nice. But this is more of an active way to show support," adds Robert J. Wood of the KISS Meet and Greet Team.

But the rock and roll hall of famers do write oversized checks too. They are giving 150-thousand dollars to the Hiring Our Hero organization. The non-profit is known for assisting veterans in finding a job. KISS is becoming known for showing veterans in person and on paper, what they mean to America.

"To find out everything they've done for veterans I think is an amazing thing," says Jeske.

"For all of the time I've worked for them they've always had some sort of veteran presence in some way or another," adds Wood.

Which really goes to show that some rock stars, even with 100-million sold records sold, still know how to keep America rocking.

Staff Sgt. Jeske was picked out of hundreds of other veterans who applied for the special privilege of watching KISS tonight. Those VIP passes to the private concert are valued at just over 12-hundred dollars. Nice to see them going to veterans who more than earned them.