John Pagel and Steven Witcpalek honored

Posted: 10:10 PM, Mar 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-03 04:10:57Z

John Pagel and Steven Witcpalek are being honored in Kewaunee.

“John and Steve will be sorely missed by the community. They are great guys that did a lot to advance Kewaunee County,” said Brian Vogeltanz, Kewaunee

On top of running Ponderosa Dairy, Pagel served on the county and school board.

"John did nothing by half measures. If he was going to participate in something he was going to make it different and better, because he was there,” said Don Niles, friend and business partner of Pagel.

Pagel’s biggest passion was agriculture.

“He was concerned for agriculture, where agriculture was being less in importance, and john though, this is an agricultural community, and it's so important that we have another generation coming up understanding agriculture,” said Niles.

To help preserve his love of agriculture, John Pagel helped build a facility where agriculture courses are taught.

His son in law, Steven Witcpalek, also contributed to schools in Kewaunee.He helped build this playground students with disabilities could use.

"It's all inclusive, students can go out where, swing and slide and do things they otherwise wouldn't be able to do,” Vogeltanz.

Just like his father in law, he puts others first.

"He'd give the shirt of his back to anybody just to help he always put someone else in front of him. He never was the main focus,” said Al Paul, uncle of Steven Witcpalek.

The two men are leaving their mark on a community that will always love them.

John Pagel and Steven Witcpalek honored