"I tried to protect him.": Mother thinks back on Green Bay dog attack

Posted: 6:26 PM, Jul 05, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-05 23:48:52-04

The mother of a 15-month-old that was mauled by two dogs in Green Bay is speaking out about the attack and his long road to recovery. Alisha White says when she thinks back to that horrible day, she recalls a feeling of helplessness and pain.

White and her 15-month-old, Jaikeem Hillard, were walking to visit family on a nice day when out of nowhere two pit bulls attacked on South Reber Street resulting in nerve damage in part of his face.

“I tried. I tried to protect him. Basically I watched him getting attacked, but I couldn't do nothing,” White recalls.

After spending two weeks in Milwaukee at Children's Hospital, Jaikeem is finally home in Green Bay.

“He had like multiple staples in his head and stitches, and his ear was ripped out hanging by a piece of meat,” says White.

White's mom, Darlisha White, cared for her other two kids while Jaikeem was in the hospital. 

“My granddaughter saw a dog one day and like had a panic attack, and I had to hold her and tell her it was going to be ok,” she explains.

Even through the joy of Jaikeem recovering, anger is still a heavy emotion.

“I'm feeling anger and everything. Everybody that was involved in this situation, everybody needs to be held accountable. My daughter did not deserve this.”

He's home now, but Jaikeem has weekly doctor's visits in Milwaukee. Alisha is being strong for her son by managing the anger she feels towards the dogs' owner and still trying to understand how it could happen.

“She [The owner] said they are family dogs but how are they? They started dragging my baby out of the stroller,” says White.

As a mom, she knows it will take some time to heal.

So far, the owner of the dogs has been given tickets for ordinance violations, but the Green Bay Police Department is also working with the district attorney to see if criminal charges will also be filed.

The family has a Go Fund Me account set up to help pay for medical bills: click here.