Hundreds of volunteers helping to rebuild in Barron County after deadly tornado

CAMERON, Wis. - The road to recovery will be long in Barron County, but members of the community are helping the rebuilding process.

Hundreds of people headed to a local business in Cameron, Wisconsin Friday to volunteer and help the tornado victims.

"I believe it's my job to give back," said Ashley Carothers, an American Red Cross volunteer. "Everyone was put on this earth to help one another and give what they could."

Volunteers know their job is much more than providing food, water and clothes.

"I think they're very sad, because they're realizing their loss and you think about what you've lost and yes, it is your furnishings, but think about what can't be replaced," said Duana Bremer, Salvation Army Social Director.

Together, agencies like the American Red Cross and Salvation Army put all the necessary resources under one roof.

"If you're a client, and you've just lost everything, and I've been to the scene, you don't want to drive around town or go to different towns," said Kyle Kriegl, American Red Cross Northwest Wisconsin Chapter Executive Director. "You just want to get your stuff and start the recovery process."

Volunteers said they're not taking life for granted anymore after this.

"I know I can go home to a warm bed and be with my kids and be safe and I know other people don't have that," said volunteer Kayla Toufar. "I mean, everyone wants to be here and help."

If you do want to volunteer or donate, the Barron County Sheriff's Department says people can go to Saint Peter's Catholic Church in Cameron Saturday and Sunday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Volunteers will get checked in and bused to the site.

You must be 18 years old to volunteer.

You can also donate to the American Red Cross by clicking here.

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