Homeowner who found Joseph Jakubowski: 'He seemed lost'

Posted at 1:40 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 15:03:18-04

Law enforcement officials were bracing for a violent confrontation when they eventually found Joseph Jakubowski, but the homeowner who was the first to make contact with him paints a very different story.

Jakubowski was camped out on Jeff Gorn's Vernon County property Thursday night when Gorn found him and spoke to him for an hour.

Gorn told that he didn't know who Jakubowski was, and described him as more lost and sad than violent.

"The one thing he said over and over is that, 'no one listens to me,'" Gorn said. "It may be that now they will because of all of this. He did say, 'you're the first person who's listened to me.' He seemed very exhausted after we talked. There's a lot of stuff that came out. I hope he does get the help that he needs."

Jakubowski had set up a tarp for the night and Gorn asked him to leave in the morning.

Gorn said he became concerned and called authorities after Jakubowski kept repeating "there's no going back."

Investigators told him to look at photos of Jakubowski online to see if it was him before heading to the property and eventually making the Friday morning arrest.