Gun Deer changes in Marinette County

Posted: 10:16 AM, Nov 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-14 11:16:03-05

The traditional gun-deer season starts this Saturday and lasts until November 25th, 2018.

For hunters in Marinette County there are some changes the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wants to make sure everyone knows.

After a deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease in Upper Michigan, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is now adding their fourth self-service kiosk, just across the river for hunters to drop off their deer heads for CWD sampling from the Pembine area.

The DNR says they've increased sampling the past couple of years having about 15,000 samples. 

In Northeast Wisconsin at this point, the DNR says they have not found any CWD in any wild, free-ranging deer, however Jeff Pritzl, the wildlife supervisor for the Wisconsin DNR says several surrounding areas have tested positive so they're continuing to monitor in a few locations where there have been known positive deer farm occurrences that are with in the district.

For the first time Marinette County is included in the baiting and feeding ban this fall. The DNR says the ban will continue for at least the next three years. There will also be zone boundary changes between Forest and Farmland in Marinette County. So hunters should be sure to review the new map before hunting. Click HERE for the latest maps for the deer gun season.