Voters weigh in on Clinton, Trump coming to town

Posted at 10:31 PM, Mar 27, 2016
GREEN BAY, WI -- Right now, the race is on for candidates to win over as many Wisconsin voters as possible before primary ballots are cast in just nine days. 
Political experts say Northeast Wisconsin is a bigger battleground than some may think.
On Easter Sunday in downtown Green Bay, neighbors are still willing to take time to talk politics.
"All these big people in town, coming to Green Bay," says Michael Zanz, of Madison, who knows the buzz around recent events like Bernie Sanders coming to town. "You know, they don't get a lot of those national politicians here."
And with names like Clinton and Trump coming to town this week, there's a lot to talk about.
"It excites me, because I think the Green Bay area should be more involved in politics," says Don Gillis, of Suamico, "and it's exciting to see somebody come."
Gillis says it's been a wild year in the race for the White House.
"There's more confrontation, and all that," says Gillis.
But he says it seems to be sparking something in people that's bringing the masses out to more rallies along the campaign trail.

"Yeah, I would be more interested now than in the past to go," adds Gillis.

With Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz becoming the first candidate to make Northeast Wisconsin a campaign destination last week, And Sanders celebrating in Madison this weekend After sweeping three states in Democratic caucuses, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are hoping to ensure voters in, and around, Green Bay are with them.

"I think she would make a great president," adds Zanz, referencing Clinton.

"I support Trump," says Gillis, "but everybody should get out and take advantage of it."

Not everyone is thrilled about big politics in green bay this week.
Some we spoke with say, even after months of vetting candidates, they just don't feel a connection yet.