Clown Facebook page is a hoax

Posted at 2:18 PM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 12:30:23-04


Green Bay Police Chief says that the Henry Wood Facebook page was created by a 13-year-old child as a prank.

The investigation is ongoing while the juvenile is interviewed about motives and intent.

Investigators believe that there was never any real threat to the schools listed on the Henry Wood Facebook page. 

Charges will be referred to the juvenile intake for the individual responsible for this incident. 

The Green Bay Police Department says that they consider every threat real until proven otherwise. 

The department also encourages all parents to have conversations with their children about proper social media use. 

Green bay police say they're  aware of an apparent threat to ten different schools posted on a phony clown's Facebook profile. in response, the department plans to increase patrols near each school listed in the post.
Officers say no specific threat was identified and and the post did not describe specific actions.
On Sunday morning the new account, with the user name Henry wood, posted this message, saying:

"Schools that WE will be targeting on Monday October,10,2016 are

East Depere-
West Depere-"

The Facebook profile had only 40 friends as of 2 PM Sunday. Police are not recommending any schools close on Monday at this time.