Green Bay council member to face ethics hearing

GREEN BAY, Wis. - A Green Bay City Council member is facing a hearing after being accused of ethics violations.

Alderman Guy Zima is scheduled to go in front of the Green Bay Ethics Board to confront charges he broke the city's code of conduct for elected officials.

Alderwoman Barbara Dorff filed the complaint earlier this year. 

The complaint includes charges that Zima attacked city employees, putting his hands around the throat of one and knocking off their glasses. 

Zima's also accused of making sexually suggestive statements that some employees have told him make them feel uncomfortable, according to documents. 

City employees have also complained Zima has berated them, questioned their motives and approached them after work. 

Zima does apologize for his actions in a letter,saying he, “Doesn't want them to feel bad," and he, “Is profoundly sorry."

Zima does go on to say, however, the allegations are being promoted, pushed and insisted on by Mayor Jim Schmitt. 

The hearing will take place Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

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