Code of Conduct Complaint filed against Green Bay Ald. Guy Zima

Posted: 4:26 PM, Jan 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-11 23:20:56Z

A Code of Conduct complaint was filed Wednesday by Green Bay Alderperson Barbara Dorff against Alderperson Guy Zima.

The complaint includes multiple incidents, some alleging sexual harassment and putting his hands around the throat of an employee, knocking off their glasses.

A timeline in the complaint dates back to December of 2004.

A letter from the Green Bay Human Resources Department sent in October 2008 is included in the complaint. The letter states it's regarding harassment against Zima, alleging Zima made phone calls in January of that year stating he said: "Some people don't like you being in place." "We all know that you got this job because you have the ear of the mayor." "I want to meet with you so I can help you so you can keep your job." "Some people are mad about the change(reorganization). They think you are too aggressive." "You have a sneaky, bad conniving side to you." It states Zima denied making these statements.

The 2008 letter includes orders to Zima from the City's HR Department stating he would need to abide by them since his behavior had become a liability to the City.

The following orders were given to Zima: Do not have any contact with (redacted information) or (redacted information). Conduct any and all business with the Inspection Department through Rob Strong. Do not make any negative comments to any about (redacted information) or (redacted information) and do not retaliate against any City employee as a result of this matter.

Another letter sent in October 2017 to Zima indicated he had 12 types of complaints stating he had yelled at City Clerk department employees in a demeaning or threatening manner on multiple occasions.

It continues to state Zima has shaken his finger at employees in a demeaning manner, that he's criticized a clerk office's job performance in public, he has told staff they're in trouble. He has approached employees at their vehicles, off hours and in the dark, to discuss items. He has made employees feel uncomfortable and has called them names, accused them of lying and questioned motives.

The complaint continues stating employees have not wanted to do their jobs and that they are "anit-Zima."

In the letter, included in the complaint, City Attorney, Vanessa Chavez expresses caution to Zima about his language. In the letter it states "Ms. Lynn Boland spoke with Zima regarding sexually inappropriate comments reportedly made by Zima in front of employees and including comments made during an oval office discussion where Zima refers to women rubbing on men and the discussion of massage parlors where Zima allegedly stated that some massages end well and some do not." In the letter, it states employees have told Zima the comments make them feel uncomfortable.

It the complaint it states Green Bay Mayor Schmidt requested an investigation into Zima's conduct at the August 7th meeting.

NBC26 has reached out to Ald. Guy Zima and are waiting to hear back for comment.