Green Bay businesses near Lambeau Field ready for Billy Joel fans

GREEN BAY, Wis - Green Bay businesses prepared for Saturday’s Billy Joel concert as if it was a Green Bay Packer's game day.


Local restaurants near Lambeau Field opened early in the morning and set up tents outside their establishments to bring in traffic and capitalize on business.  They hired extra staff, doubled security, and ordered extra supplies, food, and drinks.


"We've got extra beer stocked up, we've got extra liquor stocked up, and everything like that,” said Stadium View Bar & Grill manager Jaclyn Campanile.  “More food orders to be prepared for."


Some businesses like D2's Sports Pub began planning for the event about a week in advance. 


"We have all hands on deck, all staff,” said Brenda Jordan, a bartender for the pub.  “We set up tents outside and multiple beer tubs.  We serve food inside and out.”


Restaurant management also scheduled other events to coincide with the Billy Joel concert and attract more business.  Bands performed and fundraisers were held throughout the day.


Brian Jaeger, a parking lot attendant for Anduzzi's Sports Club said on a normal day, parking is free, but for today, which he said is like a Packer’s game, they charged $25 for parking.  They also invited a band to play.


"On a normal game day we'll have a band before, maybe after," said Jaeger.


Craig and Jill Baumeister, planned to eat at one of the restaurants near the stadium before walking to the Lambeau Field.  They were visiting Green Bay from the Village of Waterford, and were excited to see Billy Joel perform.


"I just like watching him play the piano,” said Jill Baumeister.


Her husband  was also excited to be in the city.


“Look forward to the atmosphere and crowd,” said Craig Baumeister.  “Should be fun."


Restaurant staff said they expected more than 40,000 people to be in the area for the concert.  

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