Governor Walker focuses on workforce, education in State of the State address

MADISON, Wis.-- -
In his seventh State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker focused on his administration's accomplishments.
"Today, we've more than recovered the jobs that departed during the recession, wages are up, more than 50,000 new businesses have been created," he said to the room filled with state legislators, special guests, and media Tuesday.
The Governor said some of his goals in 2017 are to increase public school funding, lower UW System tuition, and get more people into Wisconsin's workforce.
"Rewarding work is our top priority," said Gov. Walker.
Walker also said an administration highlight was cutting taxes by more than $4.7 billion.
"I'm excited," said Rep. Paul Tittl, (R) Manitowoc, "Wisconsin is working, we're heading in the right direction, we're not raising taxes, we're saving money for the people."
But after Gov. Walker's speech, Democrats said they're frustrated they haven't heard anything from him on problems with the state corrections system or veteran care.
"It should be a five-star facility at King Veterans Home and unfortunately that's not the case and of course that was not mentioned by Governor Walker," said Rep. Eric Genrich, (D) Green Bay.
And while Governor Walker did mention transportation funding in his speech, he didn't address the budget shortfall.
"He's had no plan and no responsibility in his office, and he's become really a weak governor at this point that can't lead the state," said Rep. Gordon Hintz, (D) Oshkosh. "I didn't hear anything in there that's going to reassure me that we're actually going to pay for these things going forward."
Governor Walker will tour the state Wednesday to discuss the economy and college affordability. 
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