Governor Scott Walker signs 11 bills into law to fight Wisconsin opioid epidemic


In De Pere Monday, Governor Walker signed 11 H.O.P.E Agenda bills into law to fight against what he described as an opioid abuse epidemic in the state of Wisconsin.

H.O.P.E is an acronym for Heroin, Opiate, Prevention, and Education. This agenda he said will help begin the fight to combat the problem.

“We're losing people on a rapid rate to overdose death," said Representative John Nygren. "There is no victory lap. We've had great success in our state but there's much more to be done,” 

Nygren’s daughter struggled with heroin addiction, which motivated all the bills he pushed for that finally became a reality on Monday. 

"It’s much more than just signing bills into laws," said Governor Walker. "They’re giving tools, assets, resources to combat this."

The Governor also signed four bills in Onalaska, and three bills in Schofield on Monday. 

For a detailed explanation of each bill signed into law, click here.


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