Gov. Walker hits back against critics on budget

WAUPACA, Wis - Governor Scott Walker touted his proposal to invest 11.5 billion dollars in K-12 education in an event at Waupaca High School Tuesday.

He pushed what he calls his "reform dividend." Walker says it's money saved from years of his reforms enacted across the state.

He spoke with the media, pushing back against what critics say is an unrealistic budget, accusing him of using the budget process to appeal to voters ahead of a likely election bid in 2018.

He said, "This is not about back-filling anything from the past. This is about looking forward. We heard in every county in this state- when you actually listen to people, they overwhelmingly tell us we have a workforce shortage and they need to fill these positions."

Walker reaffirmed his belief that a strong K-12 education system together with a technical and university system, could address that shortage.

His budget remains in the legislature.

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