GBAPS adds make-up minutes due to winter storm

Posted: 2:49 PM, Apr 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-17 19:49:54Z

Leaders with the Green Bay Area Public School District announce they will be adding minutes to the school day to make up for time lost because of the snow storm. 

This week, schools will continue to have the three additional minutes added to the end of the school day. 

Starting on Monday, April 23 until the end of the school year, the school day will be extended an additional five minutes, for a total of eight additional minutes to the end of the student day.  

At the secondary level, the eight minutes will be distributed one minute per class period. Leaders say 4K morning classes will not have to make up any time; however the 4K afternoon classes will have the additional minutes added to their day.

The district also says they will be eliminating the early release days of April 20 and May 18, and they will now be a full school day. If families have scheduled plans for those afternoons, they need to call the office and excuse their child.

Starting next week a Lamers bus will replace Metro Bus Route MP5 for assigned riders at Southwest High School. Families who are assigned to this bus will receive additional information from the Transportation Department.  All other Metro Bus routes are able to accommodate the longer school day.

A spokesperson for GBAPS say they worked to best balance the need of students and families, recognizing that returning to school on the June 11th make-up day could create potential hardships.