Gas leak in Green Bay sends four to hospital


Green Bay Metro Fire Department was called at  for a smell of gas inside the Alorica building Sunday.

Units entered and found a strong odor of natural gas in the common areas. Fire Department meters showed no explosive levels. The gas service to the building was shutoff and building allowed to ventilate. 

Seven employees of Alorica were evaluated for headache and nausea, four requested transport to area hospitals.  WPS arrived on scene and initially found no readings on their meters.

Gas service was restored to the building to replicate the leak. A cooking appliance inside KoKo’s Restaurant kitchen was found to be operating with its pilot out, allowing unburned gas to flow.

The flow was stopped and the building was reoccupied.

Green Bay Metro Fire HazMat Team monitored the entire structure and later found all areas to be safe.


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