Fox Valley Metro Police's squad cars go pink to raise awareness

Posted at 7:15 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 20:15:39-04
As October rolls in, you will be seeing a lot of pink across Northeast Wisconsin. The Fox Valley Metro Police Department unveiled their squad car makeover on Wednesday. Their police vehicles will be decked out in pink logos and ribbons in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the fight against the deadly disease.
"As a public entity in our community, the police department, with those squad cars being out there each and every day, a lot of our citizens see it. What better platform to use as a reminder for that education piece, you know, awareness for breast cancer awareness," said Michael Lambie of the Fox Valley Metro Police Department.
The officers who are driving the pink squad cars will be carrying informational pamphlets about breast cancer. If you see an officer, feel free to ask for a brochure.