Fox Valley couple celebrates two milestones

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 23:53:06-04

A Fox Valley Couple celebrates not one, but two milestones.

Andy and Beth Detienne are marking their 20th wedding anniversary and 17 years for Andy with his job at the Home Depot.

When Andy Detienne starts his shift at the Home Depot in Grand Chute, it's hard to keep up with him 

Andy knows everyone, and they all know him.

“Andy is a ball of energy, the associates love to work with him, lots of high fives in the aisles,” said Wendy Winters, store manager at the Home Depot. 

This year he celebrates 17 years at the store. He works five days a week, 20 hours a week. 

“I just love working here, I do I love it,” said Andy. 

He helps customers, collects carts, loads cars and overall just spreads his great attitude.  Andy has Down syndrome, but nothing stops him from being the best employee possible. 

“I love it, I love being here,” he said. 

He loves his job more than almost anything, except his wife, Beth.

“It's been really fun with her and I,” said Andy. “I love her. She's my whole life, she's my heart.”

They met at his high school prom. He said it was love at first sight, something Beth agrees with 100 percent.

“I knew that he was the one,” said Beth. “It was meant to be, we just danced together, we got to know each other, and he asked me out.”

Beth has Williams Syndrome, but nothing slows her down. She works at Lawrence University in food service. 

It’s been two decades of love and learning how to depend on each other to get through the hard times.

“He's my best friend. And we get along well, so yeah it's very, very special,” said Beth. 

On Tuesday, their Home Depot family gave them a surprise to last a lifetime. 

Beth thought she was coming in to surprise Andy for his 17th anniversary with the store, but that was not the case. 

“I'm just really, like, I'm speechless you know,” said Beth. 

Family and co-workers shared their moment, including Andy's parents. 

“We would have never imagined the possibility of that, and we're just sort of amazed by how it's gone, and how well they do together. They make a great couple,” said Rick Detienne, Andy’s father.

Rick says as parent, you want nothing more in life than for your children to be happy. He said if they're living with a disability; don't focus on what they can't do -- only what they can do.  

"For all of us, it's turned out amazingly well,” said Rick. 

This couple showing love has no limits, and will always find a way.