Former teacher Kerstin Westcott has more questions for Green Bay Area Public School District


A local teacher whose resignation generated worldwide headlines returned to a Green Bay Area Public School District meeting Monday night and questioned whether school administration had made any changes in the weeks since her resignation.

Kerstin Westcott quit in early June from her 6th grade teaching job at Washington Middle School; she told the Board that she feared she could not survive another year at the school.

Westcott said Monday night that she had “lost all hope” after she heard Superintendent Michelle Langenfeld’s response to the issues Westcott raised last month.

Westcott seemed to speak through choked-back tears when she told Langenfeld that there could not be “two sides” to the stories of abuse that Westcott had exposed.

Langenfeld apologized to Westcott during the special board meeting.

Washington Middle School Principal Dennis Christensen told Board members that he will meet with teachers before the school year and had plans to address the issues.

“Failure’s not an option,” Christensen said in an interview after the meeting.

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