Fond du Lac Memory Garden honors fallen law enforcement officers

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 23:44:27-04

Members of law enforcement put their lives on the line for their communities, but sometimes they never make it home. 

This year's Leadership Fond du Lac graduates wanted to make sure officers know how much they're appreciated.

Four law enforcement officers who gave their lives for the Fond du Lac community now have a new memorial in their honor.

"This entire community supports its law enforcement, and they never will forget the sacrifices that our officers have made,” said Steve Klein, Fond du Lac assistant chief of police. 

“We can see that the community appreciates us and we can be right there saying, hey community we appreciate you as well. It's a working together, coming together kind of experience,” said Matthew Ackley, Wisconsin state trooper. 

Leadership Fond du Lac graduates spearheaded this memory garden project as a way to show support for law enforcement. They say they wanted to do something that has an impact but is sustainable long-term.

“This is one way to build it, to leave it there so that way anybody that drives around here or rides a bike, they can see it and kind of remember,” said Erind Qerimi, Leadership Fond du Lac graduate. 

While the garden is meant to honor fallen officers, Leadership graduates say, they hope people who walk through it also use it as a place of quiet reflection, and to remember those they've lost as well.

"We’ve all lost someone, whether or not it's an armed officer or not and we wanted to create a place that gave peace and refuge to the families who have lost loved ones," said Paige Edwards, Leadership Fond du Lac graduate.

If you're looking for a quiet refuge or to honor the fallen officers, the garden is on Police Memorial Dr.