Flooding from storm concern for neighbors


As the snow melts, neighbors in one green bay neighborhood are wondering where all this water is going to go.

"With my house, we got no basement, so I hope it never comes in to our house really,” said Daniel Cardova.

It's supposed to go down the drain, but the problem is, a lot them are blocked from the snow.

"Hopefully we can get the sewers dug out and hopefully it can drain,” said Cardova.

"If people happen to know where that is, to clear it out, so when the snow starts to melt, can go into those and away from property,” said Jeff Last, National Weather Service

The National Weather Service in Green Bay says drains need to be unclogged, because of water they're expecting to see.

"The snow that fell had a high water content, two to three inches, across much of northeast, east and central Wisconsin, and that water has to come to the ground some time when it melts,” said Last.

Some neighbors say they've been through this before, but this time it's different.

"Everything is going to be muddy, frozen, and stuff like that. It's going to be worst than ever,” said Devon Cardova.

As they wait for the snow melt, some people are just trying to stay positive.

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