Flood emergency issued in Wauapaca County

Posted at 5:32 PM, Mar 16, 2016

FREMONT, Wis.-   Dave Simon of Menasha pulls in his dock as the Wolf River continues to rise near Fremont.

"I bring it in closer to shore otherwise I can't get to the gangplank if it's under water," said Simon.

Water along the Wolf River rises rapidly as snow melts and rain keeps coming.  It's forcing Waupaca County Emergency Management to issue a flood emergency for the entire county.
"We're trying to eliminate any damage that we can and not have any extra erosion from the high water," said Waupaca County Emergency Management director, Andrew Carlin.
The emergency declaration means boaters are under a slow no-wake zone when traveling in Waupaca County.
"A lot of people think to slow down to five or six miles an hour is going to do it but some of them bigger boats that come up here they're just shooting out great big wakes," said Simon.
For Waupaca native and avid fisherman Eric Jensen, he says he will follow the no wake rules because he can tell the water is high.
"With the rain we've had I mean it's going to probably get on to the banks pretty shortly now I figure," said Jensen.
The rising water is a fear Simon says he hopes he and his neighbors don't have to see.
"A lot of people down the line here, a couple places it will come right up in the house there," said Simon.
It's not just the Wolf River that people are being warned about.  Water is also rising for the Fox River with a warning being issued for Berlin as well.