Firefighters encourage fire safety after house fire

Posted at 7:02 PM, Aug 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-26 20:02:17-04

A Fond du Lac family was displaced after their home started on fire early Sunday morning.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue said the fire was started by careless smoking.

They said the fire could've been a lot worse.

The house did not have working smoke detectors, but fortunately, someone woke up and alerted the rest of the family.

The family made it out. Two residents were treated at the scene and released.

Two dogs were rescued from the house.

Fire officials remind everyone to keep smoking outside the house, and store cigarettes, lighters, and matches in a safe place.

They also stress the importance of smoke detectors and making sure they work properly.

"The biggest thing a person can do to be safe is have working smoke detectors. I mean at night, during the day. I mean, that's the one thing that's going to alert them to a fire in their home. And you know, if you have family, if you have pets, I mean that's what's going to keep them safe," said Captain Garth Schumacher, Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue.

He added they see many houses either without smoke detectors or with smoke detectors not working.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue went door-to-door in the area of the fire to let neighbors know there was a fire nearby and remind them the importance of fire safety. They also offered house inspections.

For anyone who wasn't home, they left signs on doors with fire safety tips.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue said smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years and checked twice a year to make sure they are working.

They also said they should be installed on every floor.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue said they will go to homes for house inspections or to install smoke detectors.

They want to make sure every house is safe in case of an emergency.