'Fab 5' dogs up for adoption at Oshkosh Area Humane Society

OSHKOSH, Wis. - Five dogs from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society (OAHS) are looking for their forever homes, and staff is hoping a special deal will help them get there by the end of the week.

Cheerio, Mikey, Avi, Nakita and Fancy are the "Fab 5" dogs OAHS would love to see find a loving family.

Their adoption fees are just $5.55 until May 5 in the hopes they will finally get to go home.

"We always have some animals that seem to just get overlooked again and again and we can't always pinpoint the reason," said Executive Director Joni Geiger. "We want to bring attention to our current most-overlooked dogs.  Long-term shelter living isn't normal for any animal.  These are all nice dogs with wonderful qualities and they deserve a loving home." 

Geiger points out that most of the dogs in the Fab 5 are medium-to-large young adults or adolescents, according to OAHS.

"People may shy away from this age and size because they aren't small puppies anymore but they aren't older, couch potatoes either," Geiger said. "Many of them would make great running and exercise buddies.  They are athletic, energetic and intelligent. We've worked with them on commands and training and we've really seen them blossom with time and attention."

The Fab 5 can be viewed on the OAHS website at www.oahs.org and will also be featured on the OAHS Facebook page throughout the week, highlighting each dog's unique personality.  

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