Excitement builds for Clinton visit to Green ...

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 29, 2016

GREEN BAY, Wis.-  Bambi Loeffler got in line early with her mother outside the Riverside Ballroom to see Hillary Clinton.

"She was the one that found out because it was kind of up in the air until yesterday that she was coming," said Loeffler.

They waited for hours to see Clinton in person.

"She's qualified to do the job and she's got the experience, it's a big deal," said Loeffler.

Others in line are getting involved in the political process much younger.  14-year-old Emma Smidt of Waupaca waited in line all afternoon with her mother.

"For me she's a role model because you know I'm hoping that she'll be the first female President of the United States and for me that's important because it shows you can do anything," said Smidt.

For many others, Clinton's visit is more than the possibility to make a mark on history, it's about hearing her speak on global issues.

"The economy of course and foreign policy, I believe she's really the one who has the experience to be President right away," said Al Bryant of Green Bay.

Supporters getting a chance to meet face to face with someone they're hoping to see run the country.

"This is the only time, regardless of the fact I'm still going to vote, but we don't see them after," said Loeffler.

Attention that's putting Wisconsin on the map to make our mark on the political process.