Drunk driving enforcement takes new twist

Posted at 5:21 PM, Mar 17, 2016

MANITOWOC, Wis.-  At Saucy's Bar in Manitowoc the St. Patrick's Day celebrations have already begun and police are preparing for drunk drivers.

"If you feel like you're buzzed you know that's a sign that you shouldn't drive home," said Wisconsin State Patrol spokesperson Mike Panosh.

Manitowoc Police are part of a pilot program that's taking extra measures to educate drivers by handing out coasters.

"It's a visual reminder that they need to be responsible and do the right thing and not drive impaired," said Captain Larry Zimney with the Manitowoc Police Department.
The coasters come with a QR code on them that you scan with your smartphone.  That code takes you to the Zero in Wisconsin app which once you download that there's a list of taxi services to take you home.
"People can still go out and have fun, the community is safe, there's nobody drinking and driving and everybody can have a good time and have nothing to worry about," said Saucy's bar owner, Brad Fischer.
Even the bars in Manitowoc have started a safe ride program where taxis are paid for by the bar owners to keep people safe.
"We average about 700 or 800 rides a week already," said Fischer.
Officers say the new techniques mean there's no excuse for anyone to get behind the wheel drunk again.