Drivers asked to be safe in summer months

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-06 19:47:45-04

When he's behind the wheel, Rod Sigl is always scanning the side streets.

He's looking for kids on bikes or near the street.

It's what this veteran driving instructor teaches his students.

"Emphasizing that you have to look out for kids because they're not looking out for cars," Sigl said.

Sigl said the message is especially important in summer when more kids and drivers by the roads.

"You have to find it before it finds you," Sigl said.

But some parents said that they see people looking elsewhere.

"I worry about my family because they're just not paying attention," Gillett resident Jeff Waldburger said. "Too much time texting, talking on a telephone, and their head is not on a swivel."

Sigl said that drivers cannot be distracted.

"People don't realize that driving is a full time job," he said.

Tragedy can be just a turn away. Last month in Oshkosh, a four-year-old girl was hit and killed while riding her bike. Police in Green Bay are also asking drivers to be cautious.

"We want people to slow down, make sure people know that the speed limits on residential streets are 25 miles an hour," Captain Kevin Warych said.

Another piece of the puzzle is the kids themselves. Sigl said that they too need to know the rules of the road. That means stopping at stop signs, biking down the correct side of the street, and just like drivers, keeping a close eye on the roads.