Doug Detrie heads to trial on domestic abuse charges

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. - Instead of entering a plea in Brown County Court Tuesday, Doug Detrie is heading to trial on domestic abuse charges.

He is the former boyfriend of Nicole Vanderheyden, who was found dead in a Bellevue field back in 2016. Detrie was originally arrested in connection to her death then, but was never charged.

George Burch was sentenced, back in April, to life in prison without parole, after he was convicted of killing Vanderheyden.

The charges Detrie faces now include domestic abuse, involving Vanderheyden's sister.

Detrie's trial has been scheduled to start in August, but his attorney shared some concerns about that in court Tuesday.

"Dateline NBC is doing a story and I'm concerned about the content of that story and the way that they are going to portray Mr. Detrie. So obviously I have not seen this story yet, but that is where my concern lies."

The judge presiding over Tuesday's hearing was not as concerned though. He claims that fewer jurors watch the news or programs like Dateline than most people might think.

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