Domestic violence increasing in Wisconsin

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 19:11:30-04

31 people in Wisconsin have been killed this year because of domestic violence.

“People think about anger and a person snapping that's not domestic violence what domestic violence is a clear pattern” Says Karen Michaels the Executive Director of Golden House in Green Bay...

Michaels is talking about a common misconception of domestic abuse. Safety planning listening to them believing them and helping them

According to End Abuse Wi, in 2014 43 people were killed due to domestic violence. We're only half way through this year and that number is already close.

These aren't isolated instances, homicide is not an isolated incident” says Michaels.

Courtney Olson also works with domestic violence victims at Rainbow House she helps surviving family members but also pushes prevention.

 “Its a growing escalation of a pattern of behavior that's as predictable as water coming to a boil but what we can predict we can also prevent” says Olson.

 Many shelters will also help with restraining orders and helps to get those who need to leave a violent situation or start a new life 


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Golden House24 Hour Helpline (920) 432-4244

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