Dive team search for missing person ends

Posted at 10:19 AM, Mar 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-12 20:16:40-05

UPDATE: The Oshkosh police has confirmed with NBC26 that the body found by the Winnebago Co. Dive/Rescue Team is near Lake Butte des Morts is that of missing 49-year-old Brenda Plantz.

At this time, police say foul play is not suspected.

Plantz was last seen in Oshkosh leaving church on Thursday morning, and fter two days of searching, authorities found her body near the mouth of Lake Winnebago, in the Fox River.
Fishing in his typical spot Saturday morning, near the railroad bridge in Oshkosh, Ted Sattergren was taken back by a different type of commotion.
"I think it was like 7:30-8:00 o'clock," says Sattergren, "I heard the police sirens going over there and then they walked over there to the old pioneer and they were searching down in the water looking for something."
The Winnebago Co. Dive Team ended up recovering the body of Plantz on the east side of the river.
"It was kind of disappointing to hear something like that," adds Sattergren.
Family, friends, and police had been looking for her all morning near Lake Butte des Morts before getting a tip about something in the water.
"It's obviously a tragedy," says Oshkosh Police Lt. Kevin Konrad, "and our sympathies go out to the family in situations like this."
Family and friends reported to the Oshkosh Police that Plantz had been missing since Thursday morning. 
"I think it's heartbreaking for the family members if somebody has disappeared or they're wondering if they were kidnapped or something," says Sattergren, "[but] the family members can finally have some closure."



The Winnebago County Dive Rescue/Recovery Team is currently aiding the Oshkosh Police Department in their search for a missing person near Lake Butte des Morts, according to Lt. Lara Vendola-Messer.

"Because of the ongoing operation, we are closing the Wiowash Recreation Trail in the section that crosses over the lake," says Vendola-Messer in a statement, referring to the stretch between Highway 21 and Marine Drive.

It's still unclear whether this current search is related to the search for a missing 49-year-old woman, last seen around 9:45 Thursday morning in Oshkosh.

We have a reporter on the scene, and will be updating this story regularly.