Disaster Training at Bellin College Gives...

Posted at 6:26 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 19:26:01-05

BELLEVUE, Wis.- A hospital fire leaves dozens hurt throwing Bellin College nursing students in a real life disaster simulation.

It was all part of a training exercise organized by Bellin College and the Bellevue Fire Department.  The scenario definitely getting the blood pumping for many nursing students at the college.

"It was smoky, it was dark, the fire alarms were going off, it was very realistic," said Bellin College senior, Kelsey Cobb.

More than 30 volunteers injured during the exercise.  Fifty nursing students helped to rescue them after the ceiling collapses in a hospital room.
"They review policies but they do not have any understanding of what the disaster situation will be," said Bellin College instructor, Ashley Hall.
Students were coached by the Bellevue Fire Department during the simulation.
"They purposely didn't have enough equipment," explained Captain Glen Unsinn.
Capt. Unsinn says the fire department trains regularly for these scenarios.
"They're getting out to see what the first responders do and how it's not a perfect scenario, so I think it was valuable to what they learned," said Capt. Unsinn.
Even those who played victims say the experience was eye opening.
"It's emotional, I kind of got emotional for a minute.  You're really putting yourself in that situation," said Bellin College senior, Melissa Hammett.
This is the second year Bellin College is dong this disaster training for their students and the first year the Bellevue Fire Department is taking part.