Fox Cities dig out after winter storm

Posted at 8:18 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 11:48:30-05
APPLETON, WI -- Thick, wet snow is still making for dangerous driving conditions throughout the region.
The whiteout conditions, and blinding wind gusts seem to be behind us now.
But as snow turns to sleet, tonight, it's leaving behind back-breaking snow that's tough to shovel.
The big dig out is underway in the Fox Cities tonight.
"Wet, heavy, lots," describes one snowplow driver hard at work. "I would say it's nothing for Wisconsin--just a good old snowstorm."
And there's no shortage of work here, in Appleton, as snow removal crews plow into the night.
"This makes a nice snow shovel here, that I have," the worker adds, pointing to his earth moving rig, "so that takes the work out of it."
Others are busy clearing driveways, making sure the commute to work tomorrow is possible.
"I was working all day, there wasn't any snow when I got there," laughs another man, as he clears a path for his car. "It's definitely a little heavy."
Snowplows have managed to clear the majority of the city's main routes. But melting and refreezing conditions have created patches of slick, icy snow on many roads, and highways. 
Drivers are still urged to stay off the roads, if at all possible.