Democrats gather in Oshkosh for state convention

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-02 00:43:03-04

Democrats are gathering in Oshkosh this weekend for the party's state convention this weekend.

They're hoping to propel candidates forward into office come November.

There are ten different candidates that are trying to get the endorsement of the party to challenge Governor Scott Walker.

Walker has warned of a possible 'blue wave' during the past few months.

He said Democrats are motivated, which is why his party needs to push what Republicans call a message of success. 

Democrats said that they need to provide a clear message of their own. 

"What you see is a lot of activists, a lot of people that really care about where the party is headed, where the state and the country are headed, but if we want a blue wave to happen, we're going to have to make it," South Bend Mayor Pete Bootedge said.

"This is do or die time, and we've got to make sure that our message is shared among friends and neighbors because if it's not then perhaps the credit that should go to our legislature and our Governor will in fact not," Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish said.

Lt. Gov. Kleefish said that the Democrats are too fractured to bring a consistent message to the voters.

Bootedge, the keynote speaker, said that competition is healthy.