Deer hunt underway in Wisconsin

Posted: 8:27 PM, Nov 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-17 21:27:53-05

It's the start of the week that for many Wisconsinites is part of a long tradition.

Many hunters Saturday said that this is their favorite time of year. Some mark it off on their calendar every year so they never miss gun deer season.

Some hunters said on Saturday that they have had no luck finding any deer while others have already got a couple does and bucks.

One couple said that they had been hunting since early hours on the day.

They both shot deer Saturday morning but also said that it's not about the amount of animals they come in contact with that matters most, but rather enjoying the time out in the wilderness

"It was my first time going out deer hunting and just sitting there with your husband or even sitting by yourself in a tree stand and listening to the noises and just waiting for a deer to come out," Sarah Judas said. "All of it is exciting."

The gun deer season goes on until November 25

Judas said that she plans to go out every day this season.