Decision 2018: A close race for Governor

Posted at 8:16 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 23:28:17-04

As the campaign to lead Wisconsin reaches the final stretch, the two men vying for Governor, Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tony Evers, are highlighting their differences on the issues.

A big one in the campaign is education.

"Scott Walker frankly made the folks, the people that work in the schools the enemy right from the beginning when he said we're going to divide and conquer," Evers said.

"Tony Evers and the unions would have us lift the reforms, that would really get rid of the $3 billion worth of saving we've provided, and most troubling, that would take money out of the classroom, away from students, and they would raise property taxes to pay for it."

Walker notes that his most recent budget includes the largest actual dollar investment for education in state history.

"In fact, it's ironic, at the time it was such a big deal that Tony Evers actually said it was a pro-kid budget," Walker said.

Evers is calling for more education money in the next budget.

"Mainly we're going to be also including a budget that is going to not only help teachers in the classroom but it's going to be a good budget for the kids in the state of Wisconsin, Evers said. "That's what we're going to be focusing on."

Another focus in recent months has been healthcare. Evers is criticizing Walker for the state's moves.

"He didn't take $1.1 billion that the people of Wisconsin would have had to make sure that their health care system was affordable and accessible," Evers said. "I'm going to do that forward, we're going to take that money."

Walker said the state's health care will improve regardless of what happens in Washington because of his Health Care Stability Plan.

"We're going to see lower premiums, better choices, particularly in rural areas, and better overall healthcare," Walker said.

So for two candidates sharing a mission to better Wisconsin, the differences touted throughout this campaign will help decide which man gets the chance to do it as Governor.